Canadian Growth

Canadian mining companies are global leaders in sustainable mining, delivering the minerals and metals needed for a low-carbon future and supporting global efforts to fight climate change.




The most important race in the world has begun.

For the minerals and metals that will protect the planet and change the economy. Canada’s mining sector is primed and ready to lead the charge in global mineral extraction. With strategic initiatives underway, we're driving Canadian growth forward.

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Canadian mining is key to creating the solutions needed to create opportunity for Canadians well into the future.

At a time when industries around the world are looking to decarbonize to help combat climate change, increasing supply of metals and minerals used in green technologies is essential.

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Canadian minerals and metals are essential to our everyday lives.

From the phones in our hands to the cars we drive, we are all connected to the resources right under our feet. By supporting Canadian mining, we're not just investing in products; we're investing in Canadian jobs and economic prosperity.

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